Trips and Activities

Trips and Activities

Various enrichment and shopping trips are organised every Saturday; students wishing to remain on campus during the Saturday trips can enjoy all the school’s recreational facilities at their leisure.

Students will also have an evening trip scheduled once every week to the cinema, ten-pin bowling centre or ice-skating rink. All trips are supervised by members of staff.

Students can take part in a range of different weekly activities both during the school day and after school. These activities may include competitive team sports, arts and crafts, ballet and dance, drama, band, choir, private music lessons, Tae kwon do, yoga and much more. Involvement in all aspects of life at Ashwicke Hall School helps students acquire and refine skills, attitudes and attributes that give them an advantage in university and beyond. Top universities from around the world are eager to attract and accept those students who have acquired a broad base of such abilities and experiences.


Students wishing to leave the campus at weekends to visit family and friends will be able to do so with the parent or guardian's permission and we do ask that you give us 7 days written notice so that the student is not charged for any trips arranged by the school.  Students with permission to leave the campus for the weekend will have to either be collected from the campus or have other transportation arranged by the parent or guardian (this also applies to the return journey).

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