"This school was our son’s first choice and we looked at many in the area. Our son recognised that Ashwicke Hall would meet his learning needs from his Taster Day experience.

Our previous school was a top private school in Scotland and in our opinion Ashwicke Hall exceeds this in every way. Exceptional school, exceptional staff who give 100% all of the time to meet every aspect of their students’ needs both educationally and socially."

Mrs Linda Grant

“Shahd has had a wonderful time and I have felt quite comfortable with her absence knowing that you were just a phone call away.  I couldn't have hoped for better care for my daughter than that given at the school.”
Mr. Fadhel Alansari

"My Son, who is in Year 11, started at Ashwicke Hall School in September 2016.  His previous school had closed suddenly and Ashwicke Hall was the only school prepared to devote time and effort in helping him finish the GCSE subjects that he had started. 

He took a little time to settle in, as a day student, but now he is boarding at least twice a week and enjoys all the social aspects that the school has to offer. 

Boarding has helped him have a bit more independence; the staff are extremely kind and caring.  The facilities are great with a large sports hall for basketball and games, and swimming pool. The management staff are always available to speak with and take great care in the development of each child."

Mrs Joanna Whyton

“Hesa felt safe and secure whilst in Bath and spoke highly of the care provided during her stay.  I can definitely see an improvement in her language skills as well as her personal development as an individual.”
Mr. Isam Mohamed Matar

"For my son it was an awesome learning experience, with a lot of joy."

Mr. Juergen Schroeder 


  • Emad, Grade 9 - Testimonials
    ""I have loved everything about Ashwicke Hall School - it's fantastic! The best bit is how like a family it is in the boarding house, my dorm especially." Emad's parents added "Emad has changed significantly in a good way. He says he learned a lot from all of the school staff, his peers and all the new friends he has made over the past few months. His appreciation to many things in his life has significantly increased and this experience has boosted his self confidence and trust. He developed tolerance to many old frustrations and shortcomings. He has been reflecting on his experience at Ashwicke Hall and can only list positive impact . And most important of all, his respect to diversity and others has been something that he learned and developed at home but now he realizes it and realizes its importance for him at a personal and human levels! So, truly thank you." "
    Emad, Grade 9 Student

  • Harrison, Age 15, Grade 11 - Testimonials
    "I really enjoy the school. All of the teachers are kind and make learning much easier than at my last school. The lessons are enjoyable and easy to follow. I feel this is what motivates and pushes me to do my very best."
    Harrison, Age 15, Grade 11 Student

  • Solomon, Age 10, Grade 7 - Testimonials
    "I like boarding because people are very welcoming, the study times are simply amazing, and I got through so much revision. I would like to keep boarding in the future because I really enjoyed the experience. "
    Solomon, Age 10, Grade 7 Student

  • Daniel, Age 11, Grade 7 - Testimonials
    "My favourite subject is history because I like learning about what humans did before now. I feel that at this school the teachers are nice and fair and I have learnt a lot."
    Daniel, Age 11, Grade 7 Student

  • Jonathan, Grade 9 - Testimonials
    "I really like the school, and I can’t wait for next year to show all of the new students around."
    Jonathan, Grade 9 Student

  • Alina, Age 12, Grade 7 - Testimonials
    "The landscape and scenery are just fantastic and I love meeting new people. "
    Alina, Age 12, Grade 7 Student

  • Frajus, Age 16, Grade 10
    "The teachers are really nice, if I need anything they are willing to help, and the house parents are the best!"
    Frajus, Age 16, Grade 10 Student

  • Ahmed, Age 15, Grade 9 - Testimonials
    "The teaching is good, I like all the subjects taught in class. Outside classes, I use the Sports Hall a lot especially for football."
    Ahmed, Age 15, Grade 9 Student

  • Lennart, Age 14, Grade 8
    "I like the school because we have lots of choices and different things to do, for example, going on dream trips and meeting other students who come from all over the world."
    Lennart, Age 14, Grade 8 Student

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