Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

Enrolment Fee

Once a student has been offered a place at Ashwicke Hall School, a £1,000 deposit is required in order to reserve a place. The enrolment fee will be refunded upon graduation or when a student is withdrawn from the school according to the terms stated in the Parent Contract.

ANNUAL FEES for Academic Year 2018-19

Year Group 7 8 9 10 11 12
Boarding (annual) £25,950 £25,950 £27,000 £27,900 £27,900 £27,900
Boarding (per term) £8,650 £8,650 £9,000 £9,300 £9,300 £9,300
Weekly (annual) £23,976 £23,976 £24,600 £25,776 £25,776 £25,776
Weekly (per term) £7,992 £7,992 £8,200 £8,592 £8,592 £8,592
Day (annual) £15,480 £15,480 £16,110 £16,650 £16,650 £16,650
Day (per term) £5,160 £5,0160 £5,370 £5,550 £5,550 £5,550

Forces Bursary

We offer a 20% Forces Bursary for the sons and daughters of serving members of HM Forces.

Sibling Discount

We offer a 5% discount for the second child enrolled at the school.

Payment Schedule

Fees can be paid in full prior to the 1st August or in three termly instalments by the 1st August, 1st November and 1st February during the academic year.


Optional extras include all weekend and evening trips, tuition outside the curriculum (e.g. individual music lessons, individual sports coaching, horse-back riding, etc.), hire of musical instruments, transport for medical treatment and external examination fees.

A deposit will be required from boarding students to cover student expenses during the year; parents will be issued with a statement containing the details and balance of this amount two weeks after the end of each term.

Expenses from Day students will be invoiced termly. As far as possible, extras will be kept to a minimum.

Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is compulsory for all students who are not already insured. The school is unable to purchase insurance on behalf of the students, so we will require parents to organise this. We recommend using Endsleigh insurance, the link to which can be found here

Terms and Conditions

At least one full term’s written notice is required for withdrawal of a student from the school during the academic year. Written notice must be submitted to the Admissions Office on or before the first Monday of the term.

There is no refund or reduction of fees for absence, suspension or permanent exclusion. No records, exam certificates, recommendations or reports will be released until all financial obligations to the school have been met.

Full terms and conditions regarding payment of School Fees and extra fees can be found in the Parent Contract.

Educational Grants & Charitable Trusts

There are a number of Educational and Charitable Trusts that will consider providing fee assistance. The Educational Grants Advice Service offers information and advice on finding fee assistance.

The Educational Grants Advice Service call 01932 865619.

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