Chinese Students visit the UK

Chinese Students visit the UK

A party of Chinese students from Ulink Shanghai has arrived at SABIS International School to spend a term at Ashwicke Hall. The students are here to enhance their English skills and experience British life, history and culture. One of their first trips was to the historic Roman Baths and Spa in the nearby City of Bath. 

School Director John Nicholson said, "We welcome our Chinese students, they are excited to be here and will add to the cultural diversity of the school where we already have over 30 different nationalities.”

Pictured at Ashwicke Hall is 15 year old Ene from Ningbo in China’s Zhejiang province. Ene says,

"I think that this place is so elegant. What I like the most about this school are the teachers, and that the dorms are so warm and cosy."

Ashwicke Hall School - Bath, UK

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