Former student visits Ashwicke Hall School

Former student visits Ashwicke Hall School

Current Ashwicke Hall students had a surprise visitor last weekend when former student, Khaled Al Fanney, dropped in to say hello.

Khaled, now aged 18, is at University at Imperial College, London, but was a pupil at a SABIS International school in Dubai.  He took the opportunity to join the ‘Study Abroad Programme’ in 2013 to experience life in the UK before applying to Universities here.

Ashwicke Hall School offers students in the SABIS Network the opportunity to study in the UK for one term. The clear structure of the SABIS teaching method means that students can come to Ashwicke Hall School for a term and still follow the same curriculum as they would in their home school.  

“Ashwicke is very different to my home school but it’s nice,” Khaled said.  “Coming to Ashwicke was a really good experience.  The School gives you a taste of University life and you learn to look after yourself.”

Khaled shared his happy memories of the school with two of his former tutors, Mr Joel Lloyd-Carter and Mr Andy Hassan. 

“The way the teaching is done here is great,” he told them “and you get to meet new people.  But trips were my favourite, especially the midweek trips!”

The Study Abroad Programme aims to give students the opportunity to learn about British culture and history while they are here and the school has found this is definitely a big attraction.  Typical trips include cultural attractions like Stonehenge and the Roman Baths at Bath as well as more fun attractions like the London Eye and Harry Potter World.

Before he left, Khaled shared some advice for current Ashwicke Hall School students;
“You need to push yourself to study while you are here.  (You won’t have parents telling you off if you don't!)”.

Photo: Khaled (centre) with Ashwicke Hall School tutors Joel Lloyd-Carter (left) and Andy Hassan.

Ashwicke Hall School - Bath, UK

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