Practice Expedition for DofE Award

Practice Expedition for DofE Award

Students working towards their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award enjoyed very favourable, dry spring weather during their practice expedition weekend on the Marlborough Downs.

They worked fantastically well together as a team of 7, navigating their way across the Wiltshire countryside using just a map and a compass whilst carrying all their equipment.

The students overcame challenges such as walking 6 hours per day, going (or rather sliding) down muddy slopes, crossing pastures with cows, getting slightly lost once or twice, and setting up camp and cooking their own hot food on the campsite.

This practice expedition and the qualifying expedition (scheduled for June) are essential elements of the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award to be completed by each participant alongside other activities carried out during the school year (in the volunteering, physical and skills sections). The programme is designed to equip young people aged 14 - 24 with new skills, take them out of their comfort zone and into a place where they'll push themselves and have amazing new experiences. The DofE enables our students to build confidence, resilience, skills for work and friendship groups.

The students returned to school very tired, but proud of their personal achievements!

Ashwicke Hall School - Bath, UK

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