Shadow teaching at Ashwicke Hall School

Shadow teaching at Ashwicke Hall School

Students at Ashwicke Hall had a taste of what it’s like to be on the other side of the teacher’s desk last week when Grade 9 pupils got to take a lesson for their classmates.

The students got to prepare and deliver lessons for English and maths.  The ‘shadow teachers’ have workshops, supported by Ashwicke’s Academic Quality Controller, Rachel Hassanyeh, to help them plan lessons and gather appropriate material.

‘Shadow teaching’ is a regular feature of the programme at Ashwicke Hall, as with other SABIS group schools.  Not only does it give students the opportunity to experience a different perspective on their subject, but it helps them develop broader skills, such as leadership and public speaking.  We have also found that it helps to strengthen relationships between students and teachers, and between the students themselves.

We have had similarly positive results with our Peer Tutoring programme.  This pairs-up a student who is weaker in a particular subject with a student who is doing well in order for them to support each other.  Typically, the student who is doing well enjoys that subject and their enthusiasm and encouragement will inspire their colleague.

“At first, many students are hesitant about taking on this challenge,” explained Acting Director, Amanda Woods.  “Once we’ve supported them to prepare, however, they actually quite enjoy it.  It does wonders for their confidence!”

Ashwicke Hall School - Bath, UK

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