Student Life

Student Life

All schools in the global SABIS Network recognise that education does not occur solely in the classroom. The SABIS Student Life Organization (SLO) is a distinctive and integral part of Ashwicke Hall School as it provides students with the opportunity to develop life skills that empower them to make a substantial commitment, not only to their own personal development, but also to that of their community.

Student Life Organisation

Operating as a student-led society, SLO allows students the opportunity to become involved in a variety of departments according to their interests, ultimately helping create an atmosphere of respect and care. The specifics of SLO are implemented through a prefect system. Prefects who are carefully selected—not elected—manage SLO.

All students are encouraged to participate in SLO and to play an active role in their education. Prefects help to raise the general standard by promoting high social and moral values and encouraging participation in a wide range of additional activities and sports.

Through the SABIS Student Life Organization at Ashwicke Hall School, students are provided with the skills and experiences to become responsible and caring citizens who:

  • Encourage positive attitudes
  • Improve general standards
  • Promote constructive thinking
  • Experience real-life work and responsibilities
  • Enhance their communication and social skills

The SLO at Ashwicke Hall School is an important part of every classroom. Homerooms are comprised of a class prefect and group leaders who provide immediate help to their classmates. After a teacher has presented a concept and an accompanying exercise, these prefects check the work of students in their groups and assist the teacher in locating and filling learning gaps.

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